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My Happy Pill is a fun, eclectic and energetic 6 piece band comprised of seasoned veterans who play just about everything! Their song list spans everything from pop, funk, soul, R&B, rock, blues, and even some reggae too! There is truly something for everyone!

My Happy Pill is available for all kinds of events, including weddings, corporate events, private functions, holiday parties, house parties, birthday and anniversary celebrations, winery parties, summer concerts and festivals, and so on….basically any event where people want to dance and just have fun while listening to quality live music. They can tailor their musical offerings to meet the needs of any occasion. Additionally, the band can also perform as an acoustic trio or quartet for smaller, more intimate settings.

Members of My Happy Pill hail from some of the area’s top bands:

Donovan Fraser (Lead guitar and vocals) / formerly Hit Machine

Kenny Davis (Drums and vocals) / Nu Wavers / formerly Hit Machine

Ben Scarola (Lead guitar and vocals) / Positive Vibrations / Sol Slippers

Juliet Terrill (Bass) / National Touring Artist

Bryan Podwys (Lead vocals) / Bryan Podwys Music

Tay Conti (Lead vocals) / Warner Bros. Recording Artist

Ron Tuttle (Drums & sound effects) National Touring Artist


Booking Agent: Valerie O’Keefe


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